Something wicked this way comes...again!

Human Meat
Willingly he did come to me
A sacrifice, victuals he would be

In this house, condemned to stay
I cut him, took his phallus away

Watched as he slowly bled to death
Oh, I anticipated that final breath

For his body to go limp, so weak
I hung him by a hook like meat

Licked the skin, so sweet the taste
Not even an ounce would I waste

Piece by piece hacked him apart
Bloody hands ripped out his heart

His flesh I did so very much crave
Bones were buried in a shallow grave

In the backyard, never to be found
The stench of death is still around

I felt no regret, no, not in the least
For one year, upon him I did feast

* Based on stories I have read about cannibal Armin Meiwes
* A big thank you to my friend Per "Ossi" Mikkelsen for telling me the story about Meiwes